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1 #pragma once
3 #include <vector>
4 #include <string>
6 // This header exposes the fatal() functions.
7 // Note: You must provide the function void cleanup_application();
8 // Since we want to call it before printing the error.
9 // TODO: investigate whether we can do this with atexit(cleanup_application). Is fatal() blocking too long?
11 extern void cleanup_application();
12 extern void fatal(const char *s, ...) PRINTFARGS(1, 2);
13 extern void fatal(std::vector<std::string> &output);
Vector template.
Definition: cube_vector.hpp:22
void fatal(const char *s,...) PRINTFARGS(1
Fatal crash: log/display crash message and clean up SDL.
Definition: Error.cpp:8
#define PRINTFARGS(fmt, args)
Definition: cube_formatting.hpp:11
void cleanup_application()
Definition: main.cpp:109