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Slot Class Reference

#include <slot.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Slot:


struct  Tex

Public Member Functions

 Slot (int index=-1)
void reset ()
void cleanup ()
void addtexture (int type, const char *filename)
Texfindtexture (int type)
 Find a texture in the sts array, depending on type (beeing one of TEX_DIFFUSE to TEX_NUM). More...
void addvariant (VSlot *vs)
VSlotsetvariantchain (VSlot *vs)
 Sets a chain of VSlot variants for the owner slot. More...
VSlotfindvariant (const VSlot &src, const VSlot &delta)
void combinetextures (int index, Slot::Tex &t, bool msg=true, bool forceload=false)
 Combine and load texture data to be ready for sending it to the gpu. More...
Slotload (bool msg, bool forceload)
Textureloadthumbnail ()
 Generate a preview image of this slot for the texture browser. More...
void loadlayermask ()

Public Attributes

int index
vector< Texsts
vector< SlotShaderParamparams
 All virtual Slots deriving from this slot in a node chain. More...
bool loaded
uint texmask
char * autograss
char * layermaskname
int layermaskmode
float layermaskscale

Class Documentation

struct Slot::Tex
Class Members
int combined
string name
Texture * t
int type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Slot::Slot ( int  index = -1)

References reset().

Member Function Documentation

void Slot::addtexture ( int  type,
const char *  filename 
void Slot::addvariant ( VSlot vs)

References VSlot::next.

Referenced by VSlot::VSlot().

void Slot::cleanup ( )
void Slot::combinetextures ( int  index,
Slot::Tex t,
bool  msg = true,
bool  forceload = false 

Combine and load texture data to be ready for sending it to the gpu.

Combination is used to merge the diffuse and the specularity map into one texture (spec as alpha) and to merge the normal info and the depth info into another (depth as alpha)

tOutput texture made from seperate textures being combined
msgshow progress bar

References Slot::Tex::combined, tiger::compress(), ImageData::compressed, gencombinedname(), vector< T, MINSIZE >::getbuf(), gettexture(), ImageData::h, loopv, mergedepth(), mergespec(), newtexture(), notexture, scaleimage(), sts, Slot::Tex::t, TEX_DEPTH, TEX_DIFFUSE, TEX_NORMAL, TEX_SPEC, texmask, texturedata(), Slot::Tex::type, and ImageData::w.

Referenced by load().

Slot::Tex * Slot::findtexture ( int  type)

Find a texture in the sts array, depending on type (beeing one of TEX_DIFFUSE to TEX_NUM).

References loopv, and sts.

Referenced by gencombinedname().

VSlot * Slot::findvariant ( const VSlot src,
const VSlot delta 

References VSlot::changed, comparevslot(), and VSlot::next.

Referenced by editvslot(), and unpacktex().

Slot & Slot::load ( bool  msg,
bool  forceload 
void Slot::loadlayermask ( )
Texture * Slot::loadthumbnail ( )
void Slot::reset ( )
VSlot * Slot::setvariantchain ( VSlot vs)

Sets a chain of VSlot variants for the owner slot.

References VSlot::linked, VSlot::next, and VSlot::slot.

Referenced by emptyvslot().

Member Data Documentation

char* Slot::autograss
Texture* Slot::grasstex

Referenced by cleanup(), gengrassquads(), and reset().

int Slot::index
ImageData* Slot::layermask
int Slot::layermaskmode

Referenced by generatealpha(), reset(), and texlayer().

char* Slot::layermaskname

Referenced by loadlayermask(), reset(), and texlayer().

float Slot::layermaskscale

Referenced by generatealpha(), reset(), and texlayer().

bool Slot::loaded
vector<SlotShaderParam> Slot::params
Shader* Slot::shader
vector<Tex> Slot::sts
uint Slot::texmask
Texture * Slot::thumbnail
VSlot* Slot::variants

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