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VSlot Class Reference

A virtual Slot. More...

#include <slot.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for VSlot:

Public Member Functions

 VSlot (Slot *slot=nullptr, int index=-1)
void reset ()
void cleanup ()

Public Attributes

 The Slot this VSlot derived from. More...
 The next VSlot in the variant chain of the Slot. More...
int index
int changed
vector< SlotShaderParamparams
bool linked
float scale
int rotation
ivec2 offset
vec2 scroll
int layer
float alphafront
float alphaback
vec colorscale
vec glowcolor

Detailed Description

A virtual Slot.

See Also
slot.h file description for more info

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VSlot::VSlot ( Slot slot = nullptr,
int  index = -1 

References Slot::addvariant(), and reset().

Member Function Documentation

void VSlot::cleanup ( )

References linked.

Referenced by MSlot::cleanup().

void VSlot::reset ( )

Member Data Documentation

float VSlot::alphaback
float VSlot::alphafront
int VSlot::changed
vec VSlot::colorscale
vec VSlot::glowcolor
int VSlot::index
int VSlot::layer
bool VSlot::linked
VSlot* VSlot::next
ivec2 VSlot::offset
vector<SlotShaderParam> VSlot::params
int VSlot::rotation
float VSlot::scale
vec2 VSlot::scroll
Slot* VSlot::slot

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