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network.hpp File Reference
#include <enet/enet.h>

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void sendclientpacket (ENetPacket *packet, int chan)
void flushclient ()
void disconnect (bool async=false, bool cleanup=true)
bool isconnected (bool attempt=false, bool local=true)
const ENetAddress * connectedpeer ()
bool multiplayer (bool msg=true)
void neterr (const char *s, bool disc=true)
void gets2c ()
void notifywelcome ()
 This function gets executed as we get connected. More...
ENetPacket * send_file (stream *file, const char *format="",...)
 Send a file to all other clients. More...
void connectserv (const char *servername, int port, const char *serverpassword, const char *mapwish=nullptr, int modewish=-1)
void abortconnect ()
void clientkeepalive ()
bool resolverwait (const char *name, ENetAddress *address)

Function Documentation

void abortconnect ( )
void clientkeepalive ( )

References clienthost.

Referenced by genenvmap(), and renderprogress().

const ENetAddress* connectedpeer ( )

References curpeer.

Referenced by game::renderscoreboard().

void connectserv ( const char *  servername,
int  port,
const char *  serverpassword,
const char *  mapwish = nullptr,
int  modewish = -1 
void disconnect ( bool  async = false,
bool  cleanup = true 
void flushclient ( )
void gets2c ( )
bool isconnected ( bool  attempt = false,
bool  local = true 
bool multiplayer ( bool  msg = true)
void neterr ( const char *  s,
bool  disc = true 
void notifywelcome ( )

This function gets executed as we get connected.

Referenced by game::parsemessages().

bool resolverwait ( const char *  name,
ENetAddress *  address 
ENetPacket* send_file ( stream file,
const char *  format = "",

Send a file to all other clients.

References CHAN_FILE, make_file_packet(), and sendclientpacket().

Referenced by game::sendmap().

void sendclientpacket ( ENetPacket *  packet,
int  chan