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console.hpp File Reference

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void processkey (int code, bool isdown)
void processtextinput (const char *str, int len)
int rendercommand (int x, int y, int w)
int renderconsole (int w, int h, int abovehud)
void resetcomplete ()
void complete (char *s, int maxlen, const char *cmdprefix, bool backwards)
const char * getkeyname (int code)
const char * addreleaseaction (char *s)
void writebinds (stream *f)
void writecompletions (stream *f)

Function Documentation

const char* addreleaseaction ( char *  s)
void complete ( char *  s,
int  maxlen,
const char *  cmdprefix,
bool  backwards 
const char* getkeyname ( int  code)

References keyms, and keym::name.

Referenced by g3d_key().

void processkey ( int  code,
bool  isdown 
void processtextinput ( const char *  str,
int  len 
int rendercommand ( int  x,
int  y,
int  w 
int renderconsole ( int  w,
int  h,
int  abovehud 
void resetcomplete ( )

References completesize.

Referenced by consoleinput(), and consolekey().

void writebinds ( stream f)
void writecompletions ( stream f)