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cubemap.hpp File Reference

environment map loading routine. More...

#include "SDL_opengl.h"
#include "inexor/shared/cube_types.hpp"

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struct  cubemapside


Texturecubemapload (const char *name, bool mipit=true, bool msg=true, bool transient=false)
Texturecubemaploadwildcard (Texture *t, const char *name, bool mipit, bool msg, bool transient=false)
void initenvmaps ()
void genenvmaps ()
void clearenvmaps ()
ushort closestenvmap (const vec &o)
ushort closestenvmap (int orient, const ivec &co, int size)
GLuint lookupenvmap (ushort emid)
GLuint lookupenvmap (Slot &slot)
void drawcubemap (int size, const vec &o, float yaw, float pitch, const cubemapside &side)


cubemapside cubemapsides [6]

Detailed Description

environment map loading routine.

Class Documentation

struct cubemapside
Class Members
bool flipx
bool flipy
const char * name
bool swapxy
GLenum target

Function Documentation

void clearenvmaps ( )
ushort closestenvmap ( const vec o)
ushort closestenvmap ( int  orient,
const ivec co,
int  size 

References C, closestenvmap(), dimcoord, dimension, and R.

Texture* cubemapload ( const char *  name,
bool  mipit = true,
bool  msg = true,
bool  transient = false 
Texture* cubemaploadwildcard ( Texture t,
const char *  name,
bool  mipit,
bool  msg,
bool  transient = false 
void drawcubemap ( int  size,
const vec o,
float  yaw,
float  pitch,
const cubemapside side 
void genenvmaps ( )
void initenvmaps ( )
GLuint lookupenvmap ( ushort  emid)
GLuint lookupenvmap ( Slot slot)

Variable Documentation

cubemapside cubemapsides[6]