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demos.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/cube_types.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/cube_vector.hpp"

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struct  server::demofile




void server::setupdemorecord ()
void server::recordpacket (int chan, void *data, int len)
void server::enddemorecord ()
void server::setupdemoplayback ()
void server::readdemo ()
void server::enddemoplayback ()
void server::stopdemo ()
 Wrapper for either enddemoplayback or enddemorecord, depending on m_demo. More...
void server::cleardemos (int n)
 Remove all demos until demo number n or all if n = 0. More...
void server::listdemos (int cn)
 Send a list of demos to that client. More...
void server::senddemo (clientinfo *ci, int num)
 Send a specific demo to the client. More...


SharedVar< int > server::maxdemos
SharedVar< int > server::maxdemosize

Class Documentation

struct server::demofile
Class Members
uchar * data
string info
int len