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1 #pragma once
3 #include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp" // for vec
5 struct physent;
6 struct vtxarray;
7 // Dynlights (dynamic lights) are really primitive shaders which light up the near field
8 // area of the light source. It does not take into account occlusion.
10 extern void updatedynlights();
11 extern int finddynlights();
12 extern void calcdynlightmask(vtxarray *va);
13 extern int setdynlights(vtxarray *va);
15 enum
16 {
17  DL_SHRINK = 1<<0,
18  DL_EXPAND = 1<<1,
19  DL_FLASH = 1<<2
20 };
22 extern void adddynlight(const vec &o, float radius, const vec &color, int fade = 0, int peak = 0, int flags = 0, float initradius = 0, const vec &initcolor = vec(0, 0, 0), physent *owner = nullptr);
23 extern void dynlightreaching(const vec &target, vec &color, vec &dir, bool hud = false);
24 extern void removetrackeddynlights(physent *owner = nullptr);
void calcdynlightmask(vtxarray *va)
Definition: dynlight.cpp:187
void adddynlight(const vec &o, float radius, const vec &color, int fade=0, int peak=0, int flags=0, float initradius=0, const vec &initcolor=vec(0, 0, 0), physent *owner=nullptr)
Definition: dynlight.cpp:73
Definition: ents.hpp:128
void removetrackeddynlights(physent *owner=nullptr)
Definition: dynlight.cpp:102
Definition: dynlight.hpp:18
void dynlightreaching(const vec &target, vec &color, vec &dir, bool hud=false)
Definition: dynlight.cpp:151
int setdynlights(vtxarray *va)
Definition: dynlight.cpp:203
vector with 3 floats and some useful methods.
Definition: geom.hpp:110
Definition: dynlight.hpp:17
#define dir(name, v, d, s, os)
Definition: physics.cpp:2014
Definition: octaedit.cpp:1742
ivec o
Definition: octree.hpp:156
Definition: dynlight.hpp:19
int finddynlights()
Definition: dynlight.cpp:121
mathmatics for vectors, matrices, quaterions and more
Definition: octree.hpp:142
static void color(const bvec &v, uchar alpha=255)
Definition: glemu.hpp:71
bool target(fpsent *d, aistate &b, int pursue=0, bool force=false, float mindist=0.f)
Definition: ai.cpp:393
void updatedynlights()
Definition: dynlight.cpp:107