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md2.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/model/vertmodel.hpp"

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struct  md2
struct  md2::md2_header
struct  md2::md2_vertex
struct  md2::md2_frame
struct  md2::md2meshgroup
struct  md2::md2part


static const float md2normaltable [256][3]
vertcommands< md2md2commands

Class Documentation

struct md2::md2_header
Class Members
int framesize
int magic
int numframes
int numglcommands
int numskins
int numtexcoords
int numtriangles
int numvertices
int offsetend
int offsetframes
int offsetglcommands
int offsetskins
int offsettexcoords
int offsettriangles
int skinheight
int skinwidth
int version
struct md2::md2_vertex
Class Members
uchar normalindex
uchar vertex[3]
struct md2::md2_frame
Class Members
char name[16]
float scale[3]
float translate[3]

Variable Documentation

vertcommands<md2> md2commands
const float md2normaltable[256][3]

Referenced by md2::md2meshgroup::load().