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The rpc module is supposed to implement a powerful RPC and Remote Object interface, for external trusted applications. Ultimately this may create a CRUD like interface and thus allow us moving lots of the functions that are not critical for performance to external applications.

At the moment this already allows us to connect with another application and issue any Cubescript command.

For this purpose we open a MCSocketServer on a port or a unix socket and, every frame, we accept more connections poll for messages on the Server's broadcast channel. We parse this message with google protobuf (the type is called ServiceCall) and extract the call arguments (as the approptiate protobuf type) and the name of the function to call. Then we use protobuf's RPC/Service facilities to call the proper function, get the return value (also as a protobuf type) and send a return message to the caller on the other side.


The server implementing the stuff described above.


Actual implementation of the functions exposed to the clients.


Protobuf protocol file. Contains a description of what services we expose, of the abstract function call package and of all data types we transmit. This file is used to automatically generate/metaprogram the data types' classes and the sub for the service implementation.

This file can be used in a lot of programming languages.


Functions for starting, stopping the RPC module and for polling messages. These should be called by main.


This module is tied with the rest of inexor, since the RPC procedures call Cubescript code.