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mediadirs.cpp File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstddef>
#include "inexor/io/filesystem/mediadirs.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/command.hpp"
#include "inexor/util/StringFormatter.hpp"


 Show stacktrace on unix, do not include directly.


 SVARP (mapdir,"map")
 string operations on filenames (INCOMPLETE! see e.g. stream.cpp). More...
 SVARP (texturedir,"texture")
 SVARP (skyboxdir,"skybox")
 SVARP (interfacedir,"interface")
 SVARP (icondir,"interface/icon")
 SVARP (radardir,"interface/radar")
 SVARP (sounddir,"sound")
 SVARP (musicdir,"music")
 SVARP (modeldir,"model")
const char * inexor::filesystem::getmediadir (int type)
 Returns the specific media dir according to type. More...
Path inexor::filesystem::getmediapath (const std::string &basename, int type)
 Append the media directory specified by type to the basename. More...
std::stringinexor::filesystem::getmediapath (std::string &output, const std::string basename, int type)
const char * inexor::filesystem::getmediapath (char *output, int outputlen, const std::string &basename, int type)

Function Documentation

SVARP ( mapdir  ,

string operations on filenames (INCOMPLETE! see e.g. stream.cpp).

SVARP ( texturedir  ,
SVARP ( skyboxdir  ,
SVARP ( interfacedir  ,
SVARP ( icondir  ,
SVARP ( radardir  ,
SVARP ( sounddir  ,
SVARP ( musicdir  ,
SVARP ( modeldir  ,