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octarender.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/shared/cube_types.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/cube_vector.hpp"

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ushort encodenormal (const vec &n)
void guessnormals (const vec *pos, int numverts, vec *normals)
void reduceslope (ivec &n)
void findtjoints ()
void octarender ()
void allchanged (bool load=false)
void clearvas (cube *c)
void destroyva (vtxarray *va, bool reparent=true)
bool readva (vtxarray *va, ushort *&edata, vertex *&vdata)
void updatevabb (vtxarray *va, bool force=false)
void updatevabbs (bool force=false)


vector< tjointtjoints
vector< vtxarray * > varoot
vector< vtxarray * > valist

Function Documentation

void allchanged ( bool  load = false)
void clearvas ( cube c)
void destroyva ( vtxarray va,
bool  reparent = true 
ushort encodenormal ( const vec n)

References vec::iszero(), and RAD.

Referenced by convertoldsurfaces(), and setupsurfaces().

void findtjoints ( )
void guessnormals ( const vec pos,
int  numverts,
vec normals 
void octarender ( )
bool readva ( vtxarray va,
ushort *&  edata,
vertex *&  vdata 
void reduceslope ( ivec n)

References C, ivec::div(), loopi(), R, and ivec::shr().

Referenced by addnormals(), addtris(), gencubeedges(), and genpoly().

void updatevabb ( vtxarray va,
bool  force = false 
void updatevabbs ( bool  force = false)

References loopv, and updatevabb().

Referenced by allchanged(), and commitchanges().

Variable Documentation

vector<tjoint> tjoints

Referenced by addnormals().

vector<vtxarray *> valist
vector<vtxarray *> varoot