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1 #pragma once
3 #include "inexor/shared/cube_types.hpp" // for ushort
4 #include "inexor/shared/cube_vector.hpp" // for vector
6 struct cube;
7 struct tjoint;
8 struct vertex;
9 struct vtxarray;
10 struct vec;
11 struct ivec;
13 extern vector<tjoint> tjoints;
16 extern ushort encodenormal(const vec &n);
17 extern void guessnormals(const vec *pos, int numverts, vec *normals);
18 extern void reduceslope(ivec &n);
19 extern void findtjoints();
20 extern void octarender();
21 extern void allchanged(bool load = false);
22 extern void clearvas(cube *c);
23 extern void destroyva(vtxarray *va, bool reparent = true);
24 extern bool readva(vtxarray *va, ushort *&edata, vertex *&vdata);
25 extern void updatevabb(vtxarray *va, bool force = false);
26 extern void updatevabbs(bool force = false);
Vector template.
Definition: cube_vector.hpp:22
void guessnormals(const vec *pos, int numverts, vec *normals)
Definition: octarender.cpp:817
vector< normal > normals
Definition: normal.cpp:46
void clearvas(cube *c)
Definition: octarender.cpp:1292
vector< vtxarray * > varoot
Definition: octarender.cpp:1236
Definition: octree.hpp:190
void allchanged(bool load=false)
Definition: octarender.cpp:1803
int numverts
Definition: explosion.cpp:35
bool readva(vtxarray *va, ushort *&edata, vertex *&vdata)
Definition: octarender.cpp:114
vector< tjoint > tjoints
Definition: octarender.cpp:558
unsigned short ushort
Definition: cube_types.hpp:8
vector with 3 floats and some useful methods.
Definition: geom.hpp:110
void updatevabb(vtxarray *va, bool force=false)
Definition: octarender.cpp:1306
void destroyva(vtxarray *va, bool reparent=true)
Definition: octarender.cpp:1267
void reduceslope(ivec &n)
Definition: octarender.cpp:589
void octarender()
Definition: octarender.cpp:1764
vector< vtxarray * > valist
Definition: octarender.cpp:1236
ushort encodenormal(const vec &n)
Definition: octarender.cpp:802
Definition: world.hpp:82
Definition: octree.hpp:142
3-dimensional INTEGER vectors
Definition: geom.hpp:1226
void findtjoints()
Definition: octarender.cpp:1754
Definition: octree.hpp:208
void updatevabbs(bool force=false)
Definition: octarender.cpp:1348