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pvs.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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void clearpvs ()
bool pvsoccluded (const ivec &bbmin, const ivec &bbmax)
bool pvsoccludedsphere (const vec &center, float radius)
bool waterpvsoccluded (int height)
void setviewcell (const vec &p)
void savepvs (stream *f)
void loadpvs (stream *f, int numpvs)
int getnumviewcells ()
static bool pvsoccluded (const ivec &bborigin, int size)

Function Documentation

void clearpvs ( )
int getnumviewcells ( )

References pvs.

Referenced by gl_drawhud(), and save_world().

void loadpvs ( stream f,
int  numpvs 
bool pvsoccluded ( const ivec bbmin,
const ivec bbmax 

References curpvs, and pvsoccluded().

Referenced by pvsoccluded().

static bool pvsoccluded ( const ivec bborigin,
int  size 

References pvsoccluded().

bool pvsoccludedsphere ( const vec center,
float  radius 

References curpvs, and pvsoccluded().

Referenced by finddynlights().

void savepvs ( stream f)
void setviewcell ( const vec p)
bool waterpvsoccluded ( int  height)