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render.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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struct  game::playermodelinfo


 implementation of basic game functionsand cubescript bindings


void game::saveragdoll (fpsent *d)
void game::clearragdolls ()
void game::moveragdolls ()
void game::changedplayermodel ()
const playermodelinfo & game::getplayermodelinfo (fpsent *d)
int game::chooserandomplayermodel (int seed)
void game::swayhudgun (int curtime)
vec game::hudgunorigin (int gun, const vec &from, const vec &to, fpsent *d)
void game::rendergame (bool mainpass)
void game::renderavatar ()
void game::renderplayerpreview (int model, int team, int weap)
void game::preload ()


SharedVar< int > game::playermodel
SharedVar< int > game::teamskins
SharedVar< int > game::testteam

Class Documentation

struct game::playermodelinfo
Class Members
const char * armour[3]
const char * blueicon
const char * blueteam
const char * ffa
const char * ffaicon
const char * hudguns
const char * quad
bool ragdoll
const char * redicon
const char * redteam
const char * vwep