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1 #pragma once
2 #include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp" // for SharedVar
3 #include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp" // for vec
5 struct fpsent;
7 namespace game {
9 {
10  const char *ffa, *blueteam, *redteam, *hudguns,
11  *vwep, *quad, *armour[3],
13  bool ragdoll;
14 };
18 extern void saveragdoll(fpsent *d);
19 extern void clearragdolls();
20 extern void moveragdolls();
21 extern void changedplayermodel();
23 extern int chooserandomplayermodel(int seed);
24 extern void swayhudgun(int curtime);
25 extern vec hudgunorigin(int gun, const vec &from, const vec &to, fpsent *d);
27 extern void rendergame(bool mainpass);
28 extern void renderavatar();
29 extern void renderplayerpreview(int model, int team, int weap);
32 extern void preload();
33 }
Definition: render.hpp:8
const char * redteam
Definition: render.hpp:10
SharedVar< int > teamskins
void renderavatar()
Definition: render.cpp:382
int chooserandomplayermodel(int seed)
Definition: render.cpp:96
SharedVar< int > testteam
const playermodelinfo * getplayermodelinfo(int n)
Definition: render.cpp:101
Definition: model.hpp:40
SharedVar< int > playermodel
void rendergame(bool mainpass)
Definition: render.cpp:228
void saveragdoll(fpsent *d)
Definition: render.cpp:56
void preload()
Definition: render.cpp:467
const char * ffa
Definition: render.hpp:10
const char * blueteam
Definition: render.hpp:10
const char * blueicon
Definition: render.hpp:10
const char * armour[3]
Definition: render.hpp:10
vector with 3 floats and some useful methods.
Definition: geom.hpp:110
const char * ffaicon
Definition: render.hpp:10
int curtime
Definition: legacy_time.cpp:14
int d
Definition: octaedit.cpp:1749
void moveragdolls()
Definition: render.cpp:74
Definition: fpsent.hpp:12
SharedVar wrapper for primitive/immutable objects.
Definition: SharedVar.hpp:55
const char * quad
Definition: render.hpp:10
void changedplayermodel()
Definition: render.cpp:114
void clearragdolls()
Definition: render.cpp:69
const char * hudguns
Definition: render.hpp:10
void renderplayerpreview(int model, int team, int weap)
Definition: render.cpp:387
mathmatics for vectors, matrices, quaterions and more
const char * redicon
Definition: render.hpp:10
bool ragdoll
Definition: render.hpp:13
const char * vwep
Definition: render.hpp:10
void swayhudgun(int curtime)
Definition: render.cpp:289
vec hudgunorigin(int gun, const vec &from, const vec &to, fpsent *d)
Definition: render.cpp:408