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renderbackground.hpp File Reference
#include "SDL_opengl.h"

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void renderbackground (const char *caption=nullptr, Texture *mapshot=nullptr, const char *mapname=nullptr, const char *mapinfo=nullptr, bool restore=false, bool force=false)
 render background texture for the mainmenu and the loading screen. More...
void renderprogress (float bar, const char *text, GLuint tex=0, bool background=false)
 render progress bar and map screenshot More...


float loadprogress

Function Documentation

void renderbackground ( const char *  caption = nullptr,
Texture mapshot = nullptr,
const char *  mapname = nullptr,
const char *  mapinfo = nullptr,
bool  restore = false,
bool  force = false 
void renderprogress ( float  bar,
const char *  text,
GLuint  tex = 0,
bool  background = false 

Variable Documentation

float loadprogress