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rendergl.hpp File Reference
#include "SDL_opengl.h"
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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void disablezoom ()
vec calcavatarpos (const vec &pos, float dist)
vec calcmodelpreviewpos (const vec &radius, float &yaw)
void damageblend (int n)
void damagecompass (int n, const vec &loc)
void bindminimap ()
void bind_items_texture ()
 Binds the specific item icon map and returns true on success. More...
void bind_bomb_items_texture ()
void resethudmatrix ()
void pushhudmatrix ()
void flushhudmatrix (bool flushparams=true)
void pophudmatrix (bool flush=true, bool flushparams=true)
void pushhudscale (float sx, float sy=0)
void pushhudtranslate (float tx, float ty, float sx=0, float sy=0)
void gl_checkextensions ()
void gl_init (int depth, int fsaa)
void gl_resize ()
void cef_resize (int width, int height)
void cleangl ()
void rendergame (bool mainpass=false)
void invalidatepostfx ()
void gl_drawframe ()
void gl_drawmainmenu ()
void gl_drawhud ()
void drawminimap ()
void drawtextures ()
void enablepolygonoffset (GLenum type)
void disablepolygonoffset (GLenum type)
void calcspherescissor (const vec &center, float size, float &sx1, float &sy1, float &sx2, float &sy2)
int pushscissor (float sx1, float sy1, float sx2, float sy2)
void popscissor ()
void recomputecamera ()
void screenquad ()
void screenquad (float sw, float sh)
void screenquadflipped (float sw, float sh)
void screenquad (float sw, float sh, float sw2, float sh2)
void screenquadoffset (float x, float y, float w, float h)
void screenquadoffset (float x, float y, float w, float h, float x2, float y2, float w2, float h2)
void hudquad (float x, float y, float w, float h, float tx=0, float ty=0, float tw=1, float th=1)
void setfogcolor (const vec &v)
void zerofogcolor ()
void resetfogcolor ()
void setfogdist (float start, float end)
void clearfogdist ()
void resetfogdist ()
void writecrosshairs (stream *f)
void modelpreview::start (int x, int y, int w, int h, bool background)
void modelpreview::end ()


 special ent that acts as camera, same object as player1 in FPS mode More...
vec worldpos
vec camdir
vec camright
vec camup
int xtraverts
int xtravertsva
vec minimapcenter
vec minimapradius
vec minimapscale
matrix4 hudmatrix
bool hasVAO
bool hasFBO
bool hasAFBO
bool hasDS
bool hasTF
bool hasTRG
bool hasTSW
bool hasS3TC
bool hasFXT1
bool hasAF
bool hasFBB
bool hasUBO
bool hasMBR
int hasstencil
SharedVar< int > glversion
SharedVar< int > glslversion
SharedVar< float > forceaspect
float curfov
float fovy
float aspect
int drawtex
bool renderedgame
const matrix4 viewmatrix
matrix4 cammatrix
matrix4 projmatrix
matrix4 camprojmatrix
matrix4 invcammatrix
matrix4 invcamprojmatrix
bvec fogcolor
vec curfogcolor
SharedVar< int > fog
float curfogstart
float curfogend

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Function Documentation

void bind_bomb_items_texture ( )
void bind_items_texture ( )

Binds the specific item icon map and returns true on success.

References DIR_UI, inexor::filesystem::getmediapath(), Texture::id, and textureload().

Referenced by game::drawicon().

void bindminimap ( )
vec calcavatarpos ( const vec pos,
float  dist 
vec calcmodelpreviewpos ( const vec radius,
float &  yaw 
void calcspherescissor ( const vec center,
float  size,
float &  sx1,
float &  sy1,
float &  sx2,
float &  sy2 
void cef_resize ( int  width,
int  height 
void cleangl ( )
void clearfogdist ( )

References setfogdist().

Referenced by modelpreview::start().

void damageblend ( int  n)
void damagecompass ( int  n,
const vec loc 
void disablepolygonoffset ( GLenum  type)
void disablezoom ( )
void drawminimap ( )
void drawtextures ( )
void enablepolygonoffset ( GLenum  type)
void flushhudmatrix ( bool  flushparams = true)
void gl_checkextensions ( )

References blurdepthfx, depthfxsize, fatal(), getprocaddress(), glActiveTexture_, glAttachShader_, glBeginQuery_, glBindAttribLocation_, glBindBuffer_, glBindBufferBase_, glBindBufferRange_, glBindFramebuffer_, glBindRenderbuffer_, glBindVertexArray_, glBlendColor_, glBlendEquation_, glBlendEquationSeparate_, glBlendFuncSeparate_, glBlitFramebuffer_, glBufferData_, glBufferSubData_, glCheckFramebufferStatus_, glCompileShader_, glCompressedTexImage1D_, glCompressedTexImage2D_, glCompressedTexImage3D_, glCompressedTexSubImage1D_, glCompressedTexSubImage2D_, glCompressedTexSubImage3D_, glCopyTexSubImage3D_, glCreateProgram_, glCreateShader_, glDeleteBuffers_, glDeleteFramebuffers_, glDeleteProgram_, glDeleteQueries_, glDeleteRenderbuffers_, glDeleteShader_, glDeleteVertexArrays_, glDisableVertexAttribArray_, glDrawBuffers_, glDrawRangeElements_, glEnableVertexAttribArray_, glEndQuery_, glFlushMappedBufferRange_, glFramebufferRenderbuffer_, glFramebufferTexture2D_, glGenBuffers_, glGenerateMipmap_, glGenFramebuffers_, glGenQueries_, glGenRenderbuffers_, glGenVertexArrays_, glGetActiveUniform_, glGetActiveUniformBlockiv_, glGetActiveUniformsiv_, glGetBufferSubData_, glGetCompressedTexImage_, glGetProgramInfoLog_, glGetProgramiv_, glGetQueryiv_, glGetQueryObjectiv_, glGetQueryObjectuiv_, glGetShaderInfoLog_, glGetShaderiv_, glGetUniformBlockIndex_, glGetUniformIndices_, glGetUniformLocation_, glIsVertexArray_, glLinkProgram_, glMapBuffer_, glMapBufferRange_, glMultiDrawArrays_, glMultiDrawElements_, glRenderbufferStorage_, glShaderSource_, glslversion, glStencilFuncSeparate_, glStencilMaskSeparate_, glStencilOpSeparate_, glTexImage3D_, glTexSubImage3D_, glUniform1f_, glUniform1fv_, glUniform1i_, glUniform1iv_, glUniform2f_, glUniform2fv_, glUniform2i_, glUniform2iv_, glUniform3f_, glUniform3fv_, glUniform3i_, glUniform3iv_, glUniform4f_, glUniform4fv_, glUniform4i_, glUniform4iv_, glUniformBlockBinding_, glUniformMatrix2fv_, glUniformMatrix2x3fv_, glUniformMatrix2x4fv_, glUniformMatrix3fv_, glUniformMatrix3x2fv_, glUniformMatrix3x4fv_, glUniformMatrix4fv_, glUniformMatrix4x2fv_, glUniformMatrix4x3fv_, glUnmapBuffer_, glUseProgram_, glversion, glVertexAttrib1f_, glVertexAttrib1fv_, glVertexAttrib1s_, glVertexAttrib1sv_, glVertexAttrib2f_, glVertexAttrib2fv_, glVertexAttrib2s_, glVertexAttrib2sv_, glVertexAttrib3f_, glVertexAttrib3fv_, glVertexAttrib3s_, glVertexAttrib3sv_, glVertexAttrib4bv_, glVertexAttrib4f_, glVertexAttrib4fv_, glVertexAttrib4iv_, glVertexAttrib4Nbv_, glVertexAttrib4Niv_, glVertexAttrib4Nub_, glVertexAttrib4Nubv_, glVertexAttrib4Nuiv_, glVertexAttrib4Nusv_, glVertexAttrib4s_, glVertexAttrib4sv_, glVertexAttrib4ubv_, glVertexAttrib4uiv_, glVertexAttrib4usv_, glVertexAttribPointer_, hasAF, hasAFBO, hasDS, hasext(), hasFBB, hasFBO, hasFXT1, hasMBR, hasS3TC, hasTF, hasTRG, hasTSW, hasUBO, hasVAO, hwcubetexsize, hwmaxaniso, hwtexsize, intel_mapbufferrange_bug, Log, inexor::rpc::max(), MAXDYNLIGHTS, reservevpparams, rtsharefb, shadowmap, inexor::util::log_manager::std, usetexcompress, and waterfallrefract.

Referenced by main().

void gl_drawframe ( )
void gl_drawhud ( )
void gl_drawmainmenu ( )
void gl_init ( int  depth,
int  fsaa 
void gl_resize ( )
void hudquad ( float  x,
float  y,
float  w,
float  h,
float  tx = 0,
float  ty = 0,
float  tw = 1,
float  th = 1 
void invalidatepostfx ( )

References dopostfx.

Referenced by allchanged(), and commitchanges().

void pophudmatrix ( bool  flush = true,
bool  flushparams = true 
void popscissor ( )

References oldscissor, and scissoring.

void pushhudmatrix ( )
void pushhudscale ( float  sx,
float  sy = 0 
void pushhudtranslate ( float  tx,
float  ty,
float  sx = 0,
float  sy = 0 
int pushscissor ( float  sx1,
float  sy1,
float  sx2,
float  sy2 
void recomputecamera ( )
void rendergame ( bool  mainpass = false)
void resetfogcolor ( )
void resetfogdist ( )
void resethudmatrix ( )
void screenquad ( )
void screenquad ( float  sw,
float  sh 
void screenquad ( float  sw,
float  sh,
float  sw2,
float  sh2 
void screenquadflipped ( float  sw,
float  sh 

References screenquad(), and setscreentexcoord().

Referenced by recorder::readbuffer().

void screenquadoffset ( float  x,
float  y,
float  w,
float  h 
void screenquadoffset ( float  x,
float  y,
float  w,
float  h,
float  x2,
float  y2,
float  w2,
float  h2 
void setfogcolor ( const vec v)

References fogcolor, and GLOBALPARAM.

Referenced by changeslottmus(), resetfogcolor(), and zerofogcolor().

void setfogdist ( float  start,
float  end 


Referenced by clearfogdist(), and resetfogdist().

void writecrosshairs ( stream f)
void zerofogcolor ( )

Variable Documentation

float aspect
vec camdir
physent* camera1

special ent that acts as camera, same object as player1 in FPS mode

Referenced by adddecal(), adddynlight(), flarerenderer::addflare(), addvisibleva(), calcavatarpos(), calcmodelpreviewpos(), calcshadowmapbb(), calcwatersubdiv(), inexor::sound::checkmapsounds(), cullmodel(), damagecompass(), shadowmaptexture::dorender(), game::hideandseekclientmode::drawblip(), game::ctfclientmode::drawblip(), game::bombclientmode::drawblip(), game::collectclientmode::drawblip(), game::captureclientmode::drawblips(), drawcubemap(), game::drawminimap(), drawminimap(), drawreflection(), drawreflections(), drawskybox(), game::drawteammate(), gui::end(), modelpreview::end(), endmodelbatches(), fireballrenderer::finddepthfxranges(), finddynlights(), findreflectedvas(), findvisiblemms(), fixcamerarange(), g3d_addgui(), g3d_key(), g3d_mainmenu(), generategrass(), gengrassquads(), genpos< PT_TAPE >(), gl_drawframe(), game::ctfclientmode::interpflagpos(), isthirdperson(), lockpvs_(), main(), flarerenderer::makelightflares(), menuinfrontofplayer(), mousemove(), newentity(), flarerenderer::newflare(), particle_text(), particle_textcopy(), phystest(), inexor::sound::playsound(), queryreflection(), recomputecamera(), regularshape(), animmodel::part::render(), ai::render(), rendercullmodelquery(), renderentselection(), rendergeom(), renderlightning(), rendermapmodels(), rendermaterials(), fireballrenderer::renderpart(), game::bombclientmode::renderplayersposindicator(), renderwater(), setcammatrix(), setupgeom(), texturegui::show(), sortmaterials(), splash(), gui::start(), modelpreview::start(), testpvs(), inexor::sound::updatechannel(), updateparticles(), and updateskystats().

matrix4 cammatrix
matrix4 camprojmatrix
vec camright
vec camup
vec curfogcolor
float curfogend
float curfogstart
float curfov
int drawtex
SharedVar<int> fog

Referenced by blendfog(), and setvfcP().

bvec fogcolor
SharedVar<float> forceaspect
float fovy
SharedVar<int> glslversion
SharedVar<int> glversion
bool hasAF
bool hasAFBO
bool hasDS
bool hasFBB
bool hasFBO
bool hasFXT1
bool hasMBR
bool hasS3TC
int hasstencil
bool hasTF
bool hasTRG
bool hasTSW
bool hasUBO
bool hasVAO
matrix4 hudmatrix
matrix4 invcammatrix

Referenced by drawreflection(), and setcamprojmatrix().

matrix4 invcamprojmatrix

Referenced by calcavatarpos(), and setcamprojmatrix().

vec minimapcenter

Referenced by game::drawminimap(), and drawminimap().

vec minimapradius
vec minimapscale

Referenced by game::drawminimap(), and drawminimap().

matrix4 projmatrix
bool renderedgame
const matrix4 viewmatrix
vec worldpos
int xtraverts
int xtravertsva