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renderva.hpp File Reference
#include <SDL_opengl.h>
#include "inexor/engine/glexts.hpp"
#include "inexor/engine/octree.hpp"
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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#define startquery(query)   do { glBeginQuery_(GL_SAMPLES_PASSED, ((occludequery *)(query))->id); } while(0)
#define endquery(query)   do { glEndQuery_(GL_SAMPLES_PASSED); } while(0)


void visiblecubes (bool cull=true)
void setvfcP (float z=-1, const vec &bbmin=vec(-1,-1,-1), const vec &bbmax=vec(1, 1, 1))
void savevfcP ()
void restorevfcP ()
void rendergeom (float causticspass=0, bool fogpass=false)
void renderalphageom (bool fogpass=false)
void rendermapmodels ()
void renderreflectedgeom (bool causticspass=false, bool fogpass=false)
void renderreflectedmapmodels ()
void renderoutline ()
bool rendersky (bool explicitonly=false)
void resetinvalidtextslots ()
 Resets the set of slots that an error has been reported for. More...
bool isfoggedsphere (float rad, const vec &cv)
int isvisiblesphere (float rad, const vec &cv)
bool bboccluded (const ivec &bo, const ivec &br)
occludequerynewquery (void *owner)
bool checkquery (occludequery *query, bool nowait=false)
void resetqueries ()
int getnumqueries ()
void startbb (bool mask=true)
void endbb (bool mask=true)
void drawbb (const ivec &bo, const ivec &br)


SharedVar< int > oqfrags

Macro Definition Documentation

#define endquery (   query)    do { glEndQuery_(GL_SAMPLES_PASSED); } while(0)
#define startquery (   query)    do { glBeginQuery_(GL_SAMPLES_PASSED, ((occludequery *)(query))->id); } while(0)

Function Documentation

bool bboccluded ( const ivec bo,
const ivec br 
bool checkquery ( occludequery query,
bool  nowait = false 
void drawbb ( const ivec bo,
const ivec br 
void endbb ( bool  mask = true)
int getnumqueries ( )

References queryframe::cur, and flipquery.

Referenced by gl_drawhud().

bool isfoggedsphere ( float  rad,
const vec cv 
int isvisiblesphere ( float  rad,
const vec cv 
occludequery* newquery ( void owner)
void renderalphageom ( bool  fogpass = false)
void rendergeom ( float  causticspass = 0,
bool  fogpass = false 
void rendermapmodels ( )
void renderoutline ( )
void renderreflectedgeom ( bool  causticspass = false,
bool  fogpass = false 
void renderreflectedmapmodels ( )
bool rendersky ( bool  explicitonly = false)
void resetinvalidtextslots ( )

Resets the set of slots that an error has been reported for.

Referenced by clearslots().

void resetqueries ( )

References loopi(), MAXQUERYFRAMES, and queryframe::reset().

Referenced by allchanged().

void restorevfcP ( )

References calcvfcD().

Referenced by drawreflections().

void savevfcP ( )

Referenced by drawreflections().

void setvfcP ( float  z = -1,
const vec bbmin = vec(-1,-1,-1),
const vec bbmax = vec(1, 1, 1) 
void startbb ( bool  mask = true)
void visiblecubes ( bool  cull = true)

Variable Documentation

SharedVar<int> oqfrags
vtxarray * reflectedva

Referenced by findreflectedvas(), and sortmaterials().

vtxarray* visibleva