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1 #pragma once
8 namespace server
9 {
10  extern int gamespeed;
12  extern void serverinit();
13  extern void clientdisconnect(int n);
14  extern int clientconnect(int n, uint ip);
15  extern bool allowbroadcast(int n);
16  extern void parsepacket(int sender, int chan, packetbuf &p);
17  extern bool sendpackets(bool force = false);
18  extern void serverinforeply(ucharbuf &req, ucharbuf &p);
19  extern void serverupdate();
20  extern bool servercompatible(char *name, char *sdec, char *map, int ping, const vector<int> &attr, int np);
21  extern bool ispaused();
23 }
void parsepacket(int sender, int chan, packetbuf &p)
Definition: server.cpp:1650
void clientdisconnect(int n)
bool allowbroadcast(int n)
Definition: server.cpp:1631
template implementation of buffers (networking e.g.).
Definition: buffer_types.hpp:14
unsigned int uint
Definition: cube_types.hpp:9
bool sendpackets(bool force)
Definition: server.cpp:723
void serverinit()
Definition: server.cpp:278
void serverupdate()
Definition: server.cpp:1443
Definition: cube_hash.hpp:207
bool servercompatible(char *name, char *sdec, char *map, int ping, const vector< int > &attr, int np)
Definition: server.cpp:2453
int clientconnect(int n, uint ip)
Definition: client_management.cpp:547
Definition: octaedit.cpp:1745
network packet buffer
Definition: buffer_types.hpp:132
bool ispaused()
Definition: server.cpp:486
int gamespeed
Definition: server.cpp:55
void serverinforeply(ucharbuf &req, ucharbuf &p)
Definition: server.cpp:2428
hashset< teaminfo > teaminfos
Definition: server.cpp:338