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shadowmap.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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bool isshadowmapcaster (const vec &o, float rad)
bool addshadowmapcaster (const vec &o, float xyrad, float zrad)
bool isshadowmapreceiver (vtxarray *va)
void rendershadowmap ()
void pushshadowmap ()
void popshadowmap ()
void rendershadowmapreceivers ()
void guessshadowdir ()


SharedVar< int > shadowmap
int shadowmapcasters
bool shadowmapping
matrix4 shadowmatrix

Function Documentation

bool addshadowmapcaster ( const vec o,
float  xyrad,
float  zrad 
void guessshadowdir ( )
bool isshadowmapcaster ( const vec o,
float  rad 

References shadowdir, shadowfocus, and SHADOWSKEW.

Referenced by cullmodel().

bool isshadowmapreceiver ( vtxarray va)
void popshadowmap ( )

References rendertarget::rendertex, shadowmap, and shadowmaptex.

Referenced by rendergeom().

void pushshadowmap ( )
void rendershadowmap ( )

References f(), rendertarget::render(), shadowmap, and shadowmaptex.

Referenced by rendergeom().

void rendershadowmapreceivers ( )

Variable Documentation

SharedVar<int> shadowmap
int shadowmapcasters
bool shadowmapping
matrix4 shadowmatrix