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1 #pragma once
3 // Shadowmaps are used to add a shadow to dynamically moving entities.
4 // They are basically low resultion renderings from the perspective of the light.
6 #include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp" // for SharedVar
7 #include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp" // for vec (ptr only), matrix4
9 struct vtxarray;
12 extern int shadowmapcasters;
13 extern bool shadowmapping;
14 extern matrix4 shadowmatrix;
16 extern bool isshadowmapcaster(const vec &o, float rad);
17 extern bool addshadowmapcaster(const vec &o, float xyrad, float zrad);
18 extern bool isshadowmapreceiver(vtxarray *va);
19 extern void rendershadowmap();
20 extern void pushshadowmap();
21 extern void popshadowmap();
22 extern void rendershadowmapreceivers();
23 extern void guessshadowdir();
matrix4 shadowmatrix
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:108
void guessshadowdir()
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:60
void rendershadowmapreceivers()
Definition: renderva.cpp:752
bool shadowmapping
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:106
void pushshadowmap()
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:301
bool isshadowmapreceiver(vtxarray *va)
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:257
bool addshadowmapcaster(const vec &o, float xyrad, float zrad)
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:242
vector with 3 floats and some useful methods.
Definition: geom.hpp:110
Definition: geom.hpp:1572
void rendershadowmap()
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:339
int shadowmapcasters
ivec o
Definition: octree.hpp:156
SharedVar wrapper for primitive/immutable objects.
Definition: SharedVar.hpp:55
bool isshadowmapcaster(const vec &o, float rad)
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:287
mathmatics for vectors, matrices, quaterions and more
SharedVar< int > shadowmap
Definition: octree.hpp:142
void popshadowmap()
Definition: shadowmap.cpp:334