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ai::aiinfo Struct Reference

#include <ai.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 aiinfo ()
 ~aiinfo ()
void clearsetup ()
void clear (bool prev=false)
void wipe (bool prev=false)
void clean (bool tryit=false)
void reset (bool tryit=false)
bool hasprevnode (int n) const
void addprevnode (int n)
aistateaddstate (int t, int r=-1, int v=-1)
void removestate (int index=-1)
aistategetstate (int idx=-1)
aistateswitchstate (aistate &b, int t, int r=-1, int v=-1)

Public Attributes

vector< aistatestate
vector< int > route
vec target
vec spot
int enemy
int enemyseen
int enemymillis
int weappref
int prevnodes [NUMPREVNODES]
int targnode
int targlast
int targtime
int targseq
int lastrun
int lasthunt
int lastaction
int lastcheck
int jumpseed
int jumprand
int blocktime
int huntseq
int blockseq
int lastaimrnd
float targyaw
float targpitch
float views [3]
float aimrnd [3]
bool dontmove
bool becareful
bool tryreset
bool trywipe

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ai::aiinfo::aiinfo ( )

References clearsetup(), loopk, reset(), and views.

ai::aiinfo::~aiinfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ai::aiinfo::addprevnode ( int  n)

References prevnodes.

Referenced by ai::navigate(), and ai::timeouts().

aistate& ai::aiinfo::addstate ( int  t,
int  r = -1,
int  v = -1 

References lastmillis, and state.

Referenced by removestate(), switchstate(), ai::think(), and wipe().

void ai::aiinfo::clean ( bool  tryit = false)

References becareful, dontmove, rnd(), targpitch, targyaw, and tryreset.

Referenced by reset().

void ai::aiinfo::clear ( bool  prev = false)
void ai::aiinfo::clearsetup ( )
aistate& ai::aiinfo::getstate ( int  idx = -1)
bool ai::aiinfo::hasprevnode ( int  n) const
void ai::aiinfo::removestate ( int  index = -1)

References addstate(), ai::AI_S_WAIT, and state.

Referenced by ai::think().

void ai::aiinfo::reset ( bool  tryit = false)

References clean(), and wipe().

Referenced by aiinfo(), ai::killed(), ai::setup(), and ai::timeouts().

aistate& ai::aiinfo::switchstate ( aistate b,
int  t,
int  r = -1,
int  v = -1 
void ai::aiinfo::wipe ( bool  prev = false)

References addstate(), ai::AI_S_WAIT, clear(), state, and trywipe.

Referenced by reset(), and ai::think().

Member Data Documentation

float ai::aiinfo::aimrnd[3]

Referenced by ai::getaimpos().

bool ai::aiinfo::becareful
int ai::aiinfo::blockseq
int ai::aiinfo::blocktime

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::timeouts().

bool ai::aiinfo::dontmove

Referenced by clean(), and ai::process().

int ai::aiinfo::enemy
int ai::aiinfo::enemymillis
int ai::aiinfo::enemyseen
int ai::aiinfo::huntseq

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::timeouts().

int ai::aiinfo::jumprand

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::jumpto().

int ai::aiinfo::jumpseed

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::jumpto().

int ai::aiinfo::lastaction

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::process().

int ai::aiinfo::lastaimrnd

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::getaimpos().

int ai::aiinfo::lastcheck

Referenced by ai::checkroute(), and clearsetup().

int ai::aiinfo::lasthunt
int ai::aiinfo::lastrun
int ai::aiinfo::prevnodes[NUMPREVNODES]
vector<int> ai::aiinfo::route
vec ai::aiinfo::spot
vector<aistate> ai::aiinfo::state
vec ai::aiinfo::target
int ai::aiinfo::targlast

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::timeouts().

int ai::aiinfo::targnode
float ai::aiinfo::targpitch

Referenced by clean(), and ai::process().

int ai::aiinfo::targseq
int ai::aiinfo::targtime

Referenced by clearsetup(), and ai::timeouts().

float ai::aiinfo::targyaw

Referenced by clean(), and ai::process().

bool ai::aiinfo::tryreset

Referenced by clean(), and ai::timeouts().

bool ai::aiinfo::trywipe
float ai::aiinfo::views[3]
int ai::aiinfo::weappref

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