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flag Struct Reference

#include <ctf_common.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 flag ()
void reset ()
vec pos () const

Public Attributes

int id
int version
int spawnindex
vec droploc
vec spawnloc
int team
int droptime
int owntime
int dropcount
int dropper
int runstart
 time when the flagrun was initiated More...
int owner_id
float dropangle
float spawnangle
entitylight light
vec interploc
float interpangle
int interptime
int vistime
int invistime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flag::flag ( )

References reset().

Member Function Documentation

vec flag::pos ( ) const
void flag::reset ( )

Member Data Documentation

float flag::dropangle
int flag::dropcount
vec flag::droploc
int flag::dropper
int flag::droptime
int flag::id
float flag::interpangle
vec flag::interploc
int flag::interptime
int flag::invistime
entitylight flag::light
fpsent* flag::owner
int flag::owner_id
int flag::owntime
int flag::runstart

time when the flagrun was initiated

Referenced by reset(), server::ctfservermode::returnflag(), and server::ctfservermode::takeflag().

float flag::spawnangle
int flag::spawnindex
vec flag::spawnloc
int flag::team
int flag::version
int flag::vistime

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