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ragdolldata Struct Reference

#include <ragdoll.hpp>


struct  vert

Public Member Functions

 ragdolldata (ragdollskel *skel, float scale=1)
 ~ragdolldata ()
void calcanimjoint (int i, const matrix4x3 &anim)
void calctris ()
void calcboundsphere ()
void init (dynent *d)
void move (dynent *pl, float ts)
void updatepos ()
void constrain ()
void constraindist ()
void applyrotlimit (ragdollskel::tri &t1, ragdollskel::tri &t2, float angle, const vec &axis)
void constrainrot ()
void calcrotfriction ()
void applyrotfriction (float ts)
void tryunstick (float speed)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool collidevert (const vec &pos, const vec &dir, float radius)

Public Attributes

int millis
int collidemillis
int collisions
int floating
int lastmove
int unsticks
vec offset
vec center
float radius
float timestep
float scale

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ragdolldata::ragdolldata ( ragdollskel skel,
float  scale = 1 
ragdolldata::~ragdolldata ( )

References animjoints, reljoints, tris, and verts.

Member Function Documentation

void ragdolldata::applyrotfriction ( float  ts)
void ragdolldata::applyrotlimit ( ragdollskel::tri t1,
ragdollskel::tri t2,
float  angle,
const vec axis 
void ragdolldata::calcanimjoint ( int  i,
const matrix4x3 anim 
void ragdolldata::calcboundsphere ( )
void ragdolldata::calcrotfriction ( )
void ragdolldata::calctris ( )
static bool ragdolldata::collidevert ( const vec pos,
const vec dir,
float  radius 

References mpr::collide(), ENT_BOUNCE, and radius.

Referenced by move(), tryunstick(), and updatepos().

void ragdolldata::constrain ( )

References calctris(), constraindist(), constrainrot(), loopi(), and updatepos().

Referenced by move().

void ragdolldata::constraindist ( )
void ragdolldata::constrainrot ( )
void ragdolldata::init ( dynent d)
void ragdolldata::move ( dynent pl,
float  ts 
void ragdolldata::tryunstick ( float  speed)
void ragdolldata::updatepos ( )

Member Data Documentation

matrix4x3* ragdolldata::animjoints
vec ragdolldata::center
int ragdolldata::collidemillis

Referenced by move(), and moveragdoll().

int ragdolldata::collisions

Referenced by move().

int ragdolldata::floating

Referenced by move().

int ragdolldata::lastmove
int ragdolldata::millis
vec ragdolldata::offset

Referenced by moveragdoll().

float ragdolldata::radius
dualquat* ragdolldata::reljoints
float ragdolldata::scale

Referenced by constraindist().

ragdollskel* ragdolldata::skel
float ragdolldata::timestep

Referenced by init(), and move().

matrix3* ragdolldata::tris
int ragdolldata::unsticks

Referenced by move(), and tryunstick().

vert* ragdolldata::verts

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