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ragdollskel Struct Reference

#include <ragdoll.hpp>


struct  distlimit
struct  joint
struct  reljoint
struct  rotfriction
struct  rotlimit
struct  tri
struct  vert

Public Member Functions

 ragdollskel ()
void setupjoints ()
void setuprotfrictions ()
void setup ()
void addreljoint (int bone, int parent)

Public Attributes

bool loaded
bool animjoints
int eye
vector< vertverts
vector< tritris
vector< distlimitdistlimits
vector< rotlimitrotlimits
vector< rotfrictionrotfrictions
vector< jointjoints
vector< reljointreljoints

Class Documentation

struct ragdollskel::distlimit
Class Members
float maxdist
float mindist
int vert[2]
struct ragdollskel::joint
Class Members
int bone
matrix4x3 orient
int tri
int vert[3]
float weight
struct ragdollskel::reljoint
Class Members
int bone
int parent
struct ragdollskel::rotfriction
Class Members
matrix3 middle
int tri[2]
struct ragdollskel::rotlimit
Class Members
float maxangle
matrix3 middle
int tri[2]
struct ragdollskel::vert
Class Members
vec pos
float radius
float weight

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ragdollskel::ragdollskel ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ragdollskel::addreljoint ( int  bone,
int  parent 
void ragdollskel::setup ( )
void ragdollskel::setupjoints ( )
void ragdollskel::setuprotfrictions ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool ragdollskel::animjoints
vector<distlimit> ragdollskel::distlimits
int ragdollskel::eye

Referenced by ragdolldata::init(), and moveragdoll().

vector<joint> ragdollskel::joints
bool ragdollskel::loaded

Referenced by setup().

vector<reljoint> ragdollskel::reljoints
vector<rotfriction> ragdollskel::rotfrictions
vector<rotlimit> ragdollskel::rotlimits
vector<tri> ragdollskel::tris
vector<vert> ragdollskel::verts

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