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vacollect Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for vacollect:

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void remapunlit (vector< sortkey > &remap)
void optimize ()
void genverts (void *buf)
void setupdata (vtxarray *va)
bool emptyva ()
void clearverts ()
int addvert (const vertex &v)
int addvert (const vec &pos, const vec2 &tc=vec2(0, 0), const svec2 &lm=svec2(0, 0), const bvec &norm=bvec(128, 128, 128), const bvec4 &tangent=bvec4(128, 128, 128, 128))

Static Public Member Functions

static bool texsort (const sortkey &x, const sortkey &y)

Public Attributes

ivec origin
int size
hashtable< sortkey, sortvalindices
vector< sortkeytexs
vector< grasstrigrasstris
vector< materialsurfacematsurfs
vector< octaentities * > mapmodels
vector< ushortskyindices
vector< ushortexplicitskyindices
vector< faceboundsskyfaces [6]
int worldtris
int skytris
int skymask
int skyclip
int skyarea
int table [SIZE]
vector< vertexverts
vector< int > chain

Static Public Attributes

static const int SIZE = 1<<13

Member Function Documentation

int verthash::addvert ( const vertex v)
int verthash::addvert ( const vec pos,
const vec2 tc = vec2(0, 0),
const svec2 lm = svec2(0, 0),
const bvec norm = bvec(128, 128, 128),
const bvec4 tangent = bvec4(128, 128, 128, 128) 
void vacollect::clear ( )
void verthash::clearverts ( )
bool vacollect::emptyva ( )
void vacollect::genverts ( void buf)

References f(), and GENVERTS.

Referenced by setupdata().

void vacollect::optimize ( )
void vacollect::remapunlit ( vector< sortkey > &  remap)
void vacollect::setupdata ( vtxarray va)
static bool vacollect::texsort ( const sortkey x,
const sortkey y 

Member Data Documentation

vector<int> verthash::chain
vector<ushort> vacollect::explicitskyindices

Referenced by addtris(), clear(), emptyva(), and setupdata().

vector<grasstri> vacollect::grasstris

Referenced by addgrasstri(), clear(), emptyva(), and setupdata().

hashtable<sortkey, sortval> vacollect::indices
vector<octaentities *> vacollect::mapmodels

Referenced by clear(), emptyva(), rendercube(), and setupdata().

vector<materialsurface> vacollect::matsurfs
ivec vacollect::origin

Referenced by setva().

const int verthash::SIZE = 1<<13

Referenced by verthash::addvert().

int vacollect::size

Referenced by setva().

int vacollect::skyarea

Referenced by clear(), genskyfaces(), and newva().

int vacollect::skyclip
vector<facebounds> vacollect::skyfaces[6]

Referenced by addskyverts(), clear(), and genskyfaces().

vector<ushort> vacollect::skyindices

Referenced by addskyverts(), clear(), emptyva(), and setupdata().

int vacollect::skymask
int vacollect::skytris

Referenced by addskyverts(), addtris(), clear(), and setupdata().

int verthash::table[SIZE]
vector<sortkey> vacollect::texs

Referenced by clear(), optimize(), remapunlit(), and setupdata().

vector<vertex> verthash::verts
int vacollect::worldtris

Referenced by addtris(), clear(), and setupdata().

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