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water.hpp File Reference
#include "inexor/engine/material.hpp"
#include "inexor/network/SharedVar.hpp"
#include "inexor/shared/geom.hpp"

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#define GETMATIDXVAR(name, var, type)


const bvecgetwatercolor (int mat)
const bvecgetwaterfallcolor (int mat)
int getwaterfog (int mat)
const bvecgetlavacolor (int mat)
int getlavafog (int mat)
const bvecgetglasscolor (int mat)
void cleanreflections ()
void queryreflections ()
void drawreflections ()
void renderwater ()
void renderlava (const materialsurface &m, Texture *tex, float scale)
void loadcaustics (bool force=false)
void preloadwatershaders (bool force=false)


int refracting
int refractfog
bool reflecting
bool fading
bool fogging
float reflectz
SharedVar< int > reflectdist
SharedVar< int > vertwater
SharedVar< int > waterrefract
SharedVar< int > waterreflect
SharedVar< int > waterfade
SharedVar< int > caustics
SharedVar< int > waterfallrefract

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GETMATIDXVAR (   name,
type get##name##var(int mat) \
{ \
switch(mat&MATF_INDEX) \
{ \
default: case 0: return name##var; \
case 1: return name##2##var; \
case 2: return name##3##var; \
case 3: return name##4##var; \
} \
Definition: material.hpp:18

Function Documentation

void cleanreflections ( )
void drawreflections ( )
const bvec& getglasscolor ( int  mat)

Referenced by rendermaterials().

const bvec& getlavacolor ( int  mat)

Referenced by blendfog(), and blendfogoverlay().

int getlavafog ( int  mat)

Referenced by blendfog().

const bvec& getwatercolor ( int  mat)
const bvec& getwaterfallcolor ( int  mat)

Referenced by makeparticles(), and rendermaterials().

int getwaterfog ( int  mat)
void loadcaustics ( bool  force = false)
void preloadwatershaders ( bool  force = false)
void queryreflections ( )
void renderlava ( const materialsurface m,
Texture tex,
float  scale 
void renderwater ( )

Variable Documentation

SharedVar<int> caustics
bool fading
bool fogging
SharedVar<int> reflectdist
bool reflecting
float reflectz
int refractfog
int refracting
SharedVar<int> vertwater
SharedVar<int> waterfade
SharedVar<int> waterfallrefract
SharedVar<int> waterreflect
SharedVar<int> waterrefract