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weapon.hpp File Reference

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 implementation of basic game functionsand cubescript bindings


void game::shoot (fpsent *d, const vec &targ)
void game::shoteffects (int gun, const vec &from, const vec &to, fpsent *d, bool local, int id, int prevaction)
void game::explode (bool local, fpsent *owner, const vec &v, dynent *safe, int damage, int gun)
void game::explodeeffects (int gun, fpsent *d, bool local, int id)
void game::damageeffect (int damage, fpsent *d, bool thirdperson)
void game::gibeffect (int damage, const vec &vel, fpsent *d)
bool game::intersect (dynent *d, const vec &from, const vec &to, float &dist)
dynentgame::intersectclosest (const vec &from, const vec &to, fpsent *at, float &bestdist)
int game::getweapon (const char *name)
void game::removeweapons (fpsent *d)
void game::updateweapons (int curtime)
void game::gunselect (int gun, fpsent *d)
void game::weaponswitch (fpsent *d)
void game::avoidweapons (ai::avoidset &obstacles, float radius)
void game::bounced (physent *d, const vec &surface)
bool game::weaponcollide (physent *d, const vec &dir)
void game::adddynlights ()
void game::particletrack (physent *owner, vec &o, vec &d)
void game::dynlighttrack (physent *owner, vec &o, vec &hud)