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1 #pragma once
4 #include "inexor/shared/cube_types.hpp" // for uint
5 #include "inexor/shared/cube_vector.hpp" // for vector
7 struct entity;
9 extern bool load_world(const char *mname, const char *cname = nullptr);
10 extern bool save_world(const char *mname, bool nolms = false);
11 extern void getmapfilename(const char *fname, const char *cname, char *mapname);
12 extern uint getmapcrc();
13 extern void clearmapcrc();
14 extern bool loadents(const char *fname, vector<entity> &ents, uint *crc = nullptr);
Vector template.
Definition: cube_vector.hpp:22
unsigned int uint
Definition: cube_types.hpp:9
vector< extentity * > ents
Definition: entities.cpp:75
bool load_world(const char *mname, const char *cname=nullptr)
Definition: worldio.cpp:1220
persistent map entity.
Definition: ents.hpp:66
bool loadents(const char *fname, vector< entity > &ents, uint *crc=nullptr)
load/parse entities from a file
Definition: worldio.cpp:109
bool save_world(const char *mname, bool nolms=false)
save the current game world to a map file (.OGZ)
Definition: worldio.cpp:1045
void getmapfilename(const char *fname, const char *cname, char *mapname)
get the map name from a path/file
Definition: worldio.cpp:67
void clearmapcrc()
clear the CRC32 checksum
Definition: worldio.cpp:1215
void mapname()
Definition: world.cpp:1418
uint getmapcrc()
Definition: worldio.cpp:1209